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Why does the monitor not charge?

Oct 19,2023 | Arenti Camera

  1. Reasons for the monitor not charging into the power

First of all, let's analyze the reasons for the display not charging in. There may be the following situations:


Poor contact

Damaged internal battery

Damage to the charger

Internal failure of the monitor

The above several reasons may cause the monitor can not be charged, so we need to check one by one.


  1. Solution for monitor can not charge

For the several situations listed above, we can take the following measures to solve the problem of the monitor can not be charged:


Check whether the monitor contact is good, if the contact is poor, you can take a cotton swab or eraser to clean up the monitor interface and re-insert the monitor

If the battery has been damaged, need to replace the new battery

If the monitor charger is damaged, you need to replace the charger

If the camera internal failure, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer or a professional maintenance personnel to overhaul the process

Through the above measures, we can solve most of the monitor charging problems. However, it should be noted that, for the internal failure of the camera, we had better not do it ourselves to repair, so as not to cause greater losses. For this situation, it is best to contact the manufacturer or professional maintenance personnel to deal with.